Marecap Trans Oy is a private-owned Finnish transport company. Our company residence is in Salo, with the head office in Vantaa. Our core business operations deal with producing high-quality trailer transport services, terminal services, domestic break bulk transport services, and special transport services in Finland and abroad. In our services, we utilise both our own transport fleet and that of our broad network of subcontractors.

We have been the market leader in the industry for approximately the past 20 years. We act reliably and efficiently, on short notice, to transport your goods to challenging and remote destinations. Each one of our vehicles is equipped with a GPS tracking system to ensure that our customers are aware of the location of their cargo and that it has arrived safely.


Our mission is to provide transporting solutions. We always implement these solutions in a smart and flexible way, with a good understanding of our customers. 


Our vision is to be the most attractive transporting partner of the industry. We travel towards our vision with our reliable and flexible services that are the best possible answer to our customer's needs. When it comes to creating a good customer experience, we are a pioneer in the industry.



Our work is guided by the idea of pioneership. We continuously come up with new ways of serving the customer even better and enabling a smooth and flexible customer experience.


The core of our operations is proactive problem-solving. We utilise our decades of knowhow to offer the smartest solutions to diverse transporting needs.


We value the continuity of operations and respect long partnerships. We are aware of the advantages that permanent co-operations offer to all parties, and strive for continuity in our customers, subcontractors and employees.

Why choose Marecap Trans Oy as partner?

History of the Company

The roots of our company lie in Salo, where Marecap Trans Oy was founded in 1992. Ville Järvinen, who is now the CEO of the company, founded his own company in 2007 where transport formed only one part of the business. In 2011, the operations were changed into full transport services as a one-man subcontractor company. In 2016, Ville acquired the ownership of Marecap Trans Oy and continued to develop the business via two companies. In 2019, Marecap Trans Oy purchased VJ-Logistics founded by Ville, and in 2020 the business is yet again taking giant leaps forward in its development.